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Trull Forest Products, Inc.
"We Know How to Get Where You're Going!"

Trull Forest Products serves the Continental United States with custom sawn lumber and millwork at direct from saw mill prices. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to handle any size job. Our facility features:

  • Vertical Band Sawmill - Set up to accommodate custom orders, yet large enough to produce them in a timely manner.
  • Two Drying Kilns - The drying side of the business features a 50,000 BF dry kiln as well as a 4,000 BF kiln for smaller odd lot orders.
  • Planer Moulder - Our facility is equipped with a Pinheiro 1000 Planer Moulder which has 5 heads, capable of surfacing timbers up to 12 inches in thickness and 20 inches in width.
  • Custom Millwork - We are equipped to create custom knives which can run virtually any profile through the planer moulder.
  • Hewn Logs - Trull Forest Products now features Hewn Logs. Be sure to contact us for pricing and further information.
  • Perma-Chink Systems - Offer a full line of log home chinking, sealants and wood are products.

We serve timber framers and log home builders nationwide as well as those who only need a few board feet of lumber. No job is too small or too large for Trull Forest Products.

Woods for sale include: White Pine, Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Cypress as well as an assortment of hardwoods.

We're also a licensed builder. Trull Forest Products knows the ins and outs of the building process so we understand your needs. Call us today and save on your next project by dealing direct with the mill! Call (828) 369-2372 or email us.

We're open 8 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday.
Trull Forest Products, Inc. looks forward to helping you get where you're going!

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Trull Forest products began 30 years ago when owner, Scot Trull, picked up a chainsaw and loaded a pick-up truck with firewood. But Scot's vision was much greater. Scot learned about the timber industry literally from the ground up.

After many years of experience in logging and timber buying, Scot has realized his vision as a full-service company serving the log home & timber frame industry.

Since its inception 1980, Trull Forest Products has continued to move forward and is ready to serve you.

Just like the turtle, we know where we are going and how to get you to where you're going! Call us today at (828) 369-2372.


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